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perle di emozioni

"Perle di Emozioni" is an exclusive program for a special time, a special evening, a performance or a concert inserted in a context and with a goal and a targeted content.

"Perle di Emozioni" are the forgotten gems, searched and revealed in all their splendor, wonderful and exciting: mother of pearl and corals, amber and ebony, and the most sensual aromas.

"Perle di Emozioni" are the hidden gems that give unforgettable emotions.

dnd-donne non dette


The project DND - Donne Non Dette (Unspoken Women) - stems from the desire to give back a face, a voice, a sound, a feeling to 'invisible' or forgotten female artists whose presence and importance over the centuries - from the home to the courts, from convents to academies, from training schools to exhibitions and collective exhibitions of women artists - deserves a place in history and in our collective memory.

The project develops and deepens in the field of education and prevention of violence by reflecting - through the experience and work of these women artists - on emotions, on certain modes of behaviour, on adequate and inadequate mechanisms of defence, on culture.

Every culture - with its material and immaterial aspects - shapes and influences the family communities that make it up, and when the culture that surrounds women encourages, nurtures and protects attitudes and opinions that tend to demolish and cancel their nature and soul,

it is a destructive culture.


DND is also a non-partisan and non-denominational association, founded with the aim of disseminating knowledge about women artists from the dawn of civilisation to the present day, as they have left their mark on the culture of their time and ours in all forms of art: visual arts, aural arts and audiovisual arts.

The Association promotes and organises initiatives and projects of any artistic and popular expression that stimulate a deeper understanding of the female issue in the field of education and prevention of gender-based violence towards learning a healthy management of internal and external conflicts.

The Association's aim is to combat the normalisation of family, work and social violence and to collaborate in the construction of an ethical and supportive culture.

On 13 August 2020 the Canton Ticino officially recognised DND as an association of public utility.

Contact us for more information: we will be happy to answer all your questions.


between art and music

"Tra Arte e Musica" is an innovative formula - created in collaboration with Isabella Lenzo Massei - responsible for the cultural mediation LAC edu in Lugano - whose novelty and uniqueness lies in the fusion of the Arts; figurative, plastic , musical and representative.

A moment of high quality from an artistic point of view as well as a recreative one.
A special program for a special evening at the Museum.

A moment that attracts as many people as possible to the beauty of the Arts, also those who consider museums to be boring, arousing enormous interest and leaving a lasting impression.


When old words
die on the tongue
new melodies
spring from the heart

            Rabindranat Tagore


It is a program aimed at persons with cognitive impairment or the onset of senility, including Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

It is based on Time slips, time flows, developed by Prof. Anne Basting, director of the "Center of Age and Community" at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee: a method that helps people with dementia to express themselves through the construction of stories utilizing images which aid in the expression and communication of these stories in a creative manner.

More and more people are becoming aware of how the arts can be used in a myriad of ways - with all ages and abilities , for rehabilitation or for self-awareness purposes, with the aim of improving health and well-being.

With Sparks at the Museum, I propose a program combining the inspirational capacities of the Visual Arts with the explosive power of music as a potent evocative of deep emotional memories through song , in an exchange of evocative memories.

Song is expression, the combination and synthesis of music and words, whose musical aspect leads to reflect on tensiodystentional dynamics, traceable to the profound structure that involves man on a physical and psychological level with multiple effects and consequences, neurophysically, emotionally and cognitively.

Sparks at the Museum wishes to encourage as many people as possible to approach Art, particularly those suffering from dementia, along with their families, in the relational , social and cultural scheme which we all need in order to thrive.


Following the pilot project, Thursday, September 29, 2016 at the MASI - LAC Lugano, kicks off Sparks at the museum for Alzheimer's patients.

Sparks continue with three retirement homes at:

- MASILugano
- Pinacoteca Züst - Rancate
- Museo d'Arte - Mendrisio
- Fondazione d'Arte Erich Lindenberg c/o Museo Villa Pia - Porza
- Fondazione Braglia - Lugano
- Fondazione Giudici - Lugano
- Galleria Canesso - Lugano
- Five Gallery - Lugano
- Artrust - Melano

The Scintille project was selected and awarded by the Scientific Committee Culture and Health following the Swiss National Competition "Call for Case Studies 2021".


When we talk about the elderly we refer to people with very different potentials and needs. Each person has a life and an aging linked to social, cultural, economic, relational and family factors that go beyond mere age.


When we talk about music we are talking about a language extremely rich in nuances and practical applications that speaks to the person as a whole.


Music is present in every culture and plays a leading role in people's daily lives, it can induce deep emotions and therefore represents a particularly rewarding emotional experience for those who listen to it.


The sound-musical baggage that the elderly carry inside and that accompanies him talking about his history, his experiences, his feelings, his sensitivity, past events and his culture, becomes material to be cultivated.

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